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Meat is a collection of observations and ephemera from life in Japan, akin to cultural trainspotting. A compost heap of unrequested, unrelated and unhinged ramblings with a smattering of artismic scribbling.

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Factoid Manifesto

On the nature of herd mechanics it is a sad truth that groups and group identity are created through exclusion rather than inclusion. We are unable to simply look at each other and say “look we all have two arms. We’re all the same, yay!” It goes rather more like this; “look that guy only has one arm, but we all have two arms. We’re all the same, except for him.” The fastest route to popularity for many individuals and politicians is to demonize a minority. The boat people threw babies overboard (obscure Australian reference), Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and anyone with a beard is a possible terrorist threat. If you are racist, sexist, homophobic or an asshole, you’re all the same.

And another thing…

Life is meaningless. The reason for our existence is undiscoverable in any objective way. The big questions are largely unanswerable.  This may not always be true but for now it is. The reason for this is that our method for comprehending the world, language, is flawed. Language is a closed self referential system. We don’t possess the ability to describe or understand concepts that are completely outside that system. While it is possible to comprehend new ideas we do this by referencing our preexisting toolkit and when there is no reference point comprehension will elude us. The big Macro questions may become comprehensible if we can build a reference point by observing connections at the micro level. However as it stands now I don’t believe that there are any solid reference points for the big “what does it all mean” questions. That doesn’t mean that asking questions is meaningless. As the Buddhist truism states, sometimes the question is the answer, or in other words, sometimes the journey is the destination. One final cliche, don’t expect to find yourself. Not here or anywhere else. Don’t expect to be given anything. Only you are responsible for what you make of your experience.
















You’re still reading? How bored are you? You should probably  start your own blog and fill it with pictures of your cats or photos of your Nazi memorabilia and antique beer stein collection. Having a blog is like having an imaginary friend to talk to, that sounds healthy right? And when you do get clicks you can pretend they mean someone is paying attention and not just landing on the page accidentally while searching for porn.

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